New Drugs in Pain Management and Palliative Care

Author: Rabia Atayee, Mary Lynn McPherson

Up to 100 new drugs and dosage formulations are approved every year by the Food and Drug Administration. Some of these are new molecular entities, while others are new formulations, new indications, generic drug approvals, or labeling revisions. Participants in this fast paced session will learn about new medications approved in 2015/2016 and their usefulness in treating pain and symptoms associated with advanced illness. Specifically, participants will learn the indication, any off-label uses, if the medication is a controlled substance, adverse effects, major drug interactions, dosing, clinical pearls, and financial implications. This is a MUST session for all practitioners who wish to remain cutting edge and prepared for questions from patients and other practitioners concerning new medications. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2016)

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