Aug 16, 2018 | chronic pain

Exercise Prescription for Patients With Chronic Pain

Patients with chronic pain are less active than average, exposing them to increasing risks of comorbid conditions, resulting in decreasing functional status for ADLs and low activity ability. This cycle results in low tolerance for physical activities; decreased participation in school, workforce, or in job retraining programs; increased care costs; and a poorer prognosis for recovery and return to a healthy and independent lifestyle. Clinicians of all backgrounds can profit from understanding the benefits of exercise as a treatment and prevention approach for their patients, as well as learning practical strategies for implementing exercise therapy in the clinic and improving patient compliance. This presentation will review the recommendations on physical activity for healthy adults, discuss the problem of low exercise compliance in the chronic pain patient, and provide practical strategies for clinicians to prescribe exercise in the clinic. We’ll review consensus scientific guidelines and published clinical trials and discuss implementation of patient coaching techniques to bridge the gap between evidence and practice to help patients attain better function and a healthier lifestyle. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2017)

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