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Taming Inflammation from Traumatic Brain Injury

Researchers from Ohio State University report that eliminating one type of immune cell in the brain is effective in preventing inflammation following traumatic brain injury. The finding may...

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Exploring New Frontiers in Neuropathies from Cancer Treatment

Advances in chemotherapy are producing better survival rates for patients with cancer, but chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) remains a...

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Hip Surgery: The Right Implant May Reduce Dislocation Risk

Although hip replacement surgery has a high success rate in relieving pain and improving mobility and quality of life, a common complication from the procedure...

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Best Treatment for Tennis Elbow May Be "None"

In what is described as the largest meta-analysis conducted to date, researchers from Beth Deaconess Medical Center report that none of the...

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Injectable Immune Modulator: Encouraging Results in Animal Tests

A Colorado University neuroscientist reports that injections of an experimental gene therapy have shown impressive results in providing...

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Preventing Osteoarthritis Following Knee Injury

The Department of Defense has awarded Kevin Baker, PhD, Beaumont Health director of orthopedic research, a $1.5 million grant to investigate new...

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