Opioid Prescribing: The Setting Matters, Long-Term Use Less Likely

Prescriptions for opioids written for patients in the emergency department are for smaller doses and of shorter duration than are prescriptions written elsewhere, say findings from a study led by Mayo Clinic. The same study concludes that these patients are less likely to become...

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Osteoblasts May Help Bone Loss Therapy for Osteoporosis

A previously unknown mechanism associated with risk for development of osteoporosis, a major health concern for older adults, has been identified through new research from University of Alabama at Birmingham. In their study of mouse models, the team found that...

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EAET: Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy for Fibromyalgia Pain

A team of researchers from Wayne State University and the University of Michigan Medical Center reports encouraging results from a randomized clinical trial of a novel psychological therapy for fibromyalgia. The treatment approach, called...

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Prescriptions for Medical Marijuana: Education Lags Legislation

A survey conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, concludes that medical students are not receiving adequate training on the engagement and prescribing of...

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A Note to Clinicians on Treating Joint Pain: Look Beyond the MRI

When evaluating patients who present with complaints of foot pain, it is important for the clinician to remember the kinetic chain, according to researchers from Hospital for Special Surgery and Harvard Medical School. This concept postulates that...

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Virtual Reality and Pain Response in Patients: Not Just a Distraction

Recent small studies of the distraction power of virtual reality suggest that VR may assist patients in their responses to pain. The end goal is...

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