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September 3-7, 2019
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

PAINWeek conference

The national conference on pain for frontline practitioners. PAINWeek is the largest US pain conference for frontline clinicians with an interest in pain management.


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PAINWeekEnd conference

The regional conference on pain for frontline practitioners. Depending on the location (1 or 2-day meetings), 6 to 12 hours per day of CE/CME credit hours are presented.

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A PAINWeek attendee said that “Coming to PAINWeek is like eating brainfood. You feel so much smarter when you leave.”

This section of our Website houses insights and epiphanies from our stellar PAINWeek faculty. If you prefer smaller plates of information, then Brainfood is the place to go!

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  • One-Minute Clinician

    What Causes Poststroke Pain?

    Central poststroke pain is a neuropathic pain disorder frequently described as burning pain associated with allodynia and hyperalgesia over affected regions of the body. The underlying mechanisms are not well understood. What causes it and how can practitioners treat it? Dr. Bottros discusses.

  • One-Minute Clinician

    The Current Healthcare Environment

    Alexis LaPietra, the Director of Emergency Medicine at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System discusses healthcare negatives and the European way of doing things. What can we in the United States do better?


PWJ - PAINWeek Journal, like our website, is meant to extend the energy and experience of the national conference throughout the entire year. Each issue presents articles developed by our PAINWeek faculty, adapted from their respective conference presentations.


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