Treating Scoliosis Without Bracing or Surgery

Manhattan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation reports "strongly positive results" from new research into the effectiveness of 2 isometric exercise positions for decreasing...

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Treating Opioid Dependence: Two Ways to Peel a Carrot...

Two outpatient office based approaches to treating opioid addiction are equally safe and effective, conclude findings from a comparative study lead by...

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Postdelivery Pain: Less Medication Required

A study conducted by researchers from Stanford University seeks to enhance our understanding of the experience of pain among women, who have...

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Better Biologics for Inflammatory Skin Disease

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered a previously unknown immune mechanism that can provoke inflammation of the skin from conditions including atopic dermatitis (eczema). This mechanism involves...

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Don't Overlook Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pain Management

An article published in this month's edition of the Journal of Psychiatric Practice summarizes recent evidence supporting the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as an opioid sparing alternative for treatment of...

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Treating Crohn's Disease: More Than Just Managing Symptoms

Researchers from Mt. Sinai Health System report their conclusion that patients with Crohn's disease whose condition was monitored by both clinical symptoms and inflammation biomarkers achieved superior...

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