Splenda®: Causing More Inflammation for Crohn's Sufferers?

New research on mouse models from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine warns that sucralose, the artificial sweetener contained in the brand Splenda can exacerbate the...

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Another Indication for Amitriptyline--Managing Chronic Neck Pain

The efficacy of amitriptyline (Elavil® and others) has been established for a variety of pain conditions, but has been understudied for the management of...

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Managing Chronic Pain--Should You Start with Opioids or Nonopioids?

In a step to address the dearth of clinical research on opioid therapy for chronic pain, a new long-term study finds no advantages to opioid medications over...

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Osteoarthritis Progression: Better Measurement=Better Treatment

Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center report that a new technology improves the measurement of a known biomarker for osteoarthritis and...

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Virtual Reality for Pain Management: Looks Good, But...

A review published in the February 26 edition of Clinical Journal of Pain surveys findings from clinical studies of virtual reality (VR) for pain management during...

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Fine-Tuning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain

Cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) have been proven to be effective alternate treatment modalities for patients with chronic pain, but shortcomings in existing programs may be...

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