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PAINWeek 2019

September 3-7, 2019
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PAINWeek conference

The national conference on pain for frontline practitioners. PAINWeek is the largest US pain conference for frontline clinicians with an interest in pain management.


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PAINWeekEnd conference

The regional conferences on pain for frontline practitioners. Depending on the location (1 or 2-day meetings), 6 to 12 hours per conference of CE/CME credit hours are presented.

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A PAINWeek attendee said that “Coming to PAINWeek is like eating brainfood. You feel so much smarter when you leave.”

This section of our Website houses insights and epiphanies from our stellar PAINWeek faculty. If you prefer smaller plates of information, then Brainfood is the place to go!

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  • One-Minute Clinician

    What’s the Diff?

    To quote a contemporary leader in pain care, “Treating pain is a team sport.” Although our healthcare system is still disjointed, causing many clinicians to operate in what may feel like a lonely silo, we can support each other and bolster our patients’ confidence in their prognosis by communicating all elements of a care plan to patients that we have in common. But don’t think “multidisciplinary” and “interdisciplinary” mean the same thing. And how does health insurance view these types of care?

  • One-Minute Clinician

    Neuroplasticity and Improving Back Pain Perception

    Emerging literature is demonstrating the effects of sensory acuity disturbances on pain and altered motor performance. Addressing these sensory disturbances can decrease pain and improve mobility.


PWJ - PAINWeek Journal, like our website, is meant to extend the energy and experience of the national conference throughout the entire year. Each issue presents articles developed by our PAINWeek faculty, adapted from their respective conference presentations.


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