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PAINWeek faculty favorites Jen Bolen and Dr. Doug Gourlay illustrate the connection between carrying out licensing board directives on using opioids to treat pain and reasonably prudent medical decision-making, and don’t forget documentation. What should a practitioner do in a court of law if called...

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Expert Witness Testimony

  • Expert witness testimony in the US has contributed to courtroom confusion regarding the practitioner’s duties & responsibilities; it’s led to an attempt to put some uniform recipe into all prescribing and it’s neglected the patients.
  • Many experts are hired because they...

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Problems related to prescription painkillers and heroin lead the news almost every night. Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from unintentionally overdosing on these drugs. Why do we have this problem? Dr. Gonzalez and Mr. Fazio assess the drug problem in the United States, and discuss...

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Intensifying government scrutiny suggests that prescribers pay close attention to licensing board, payer and professional society guidance on ordering and using drug tests when treatment involves opioid therapy. Attorney Bolen sketches the changing regulatory landscape and how prescribers should...

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