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Name Purpose
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DMD Healthcare Communications Network Participation Disclosure

This website is a member of the DMD Healthcare Communications Network (the “HCN”).  HCN is owned and managed by DMD Marketing Corp (“DMD”) and is designed to enable DMD and HCN members to provide medically relevant business communications to authenticated health care professionals. 

Your registration at this website includes registration with HCN. As a result, your contact and other professionally relevant information will be disclosed to DMD and each HCN member to provide you medically relevant content as described the HCN privacy policy available at https://HCN.health/privacy-policy/. The HCN privacy policy provides details on how to manage your information, including opting out of participation in the HCN.

To the extent that this site’s privacy policy conflicts with the HCN privacy policy, with respect to the use of this information by HCN, the conflict will be resolved in favor of the HCN policy.