Jan 03, 2019 | neuropathic pain

Addressing Altered Sensory Perception

A Missing Piece to the Pain Puzzle

Altered sensory acuity occurs at spinal and supraspinal levels via sensitization and chronicity. Cortical changes including imprecision of the somatosensory homunculus have been evidenced with fMRI and identified in a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. However, these changes can occur in acute instances of pain as well. Literature is demonstrating that addressing these sensory disturbances can decrease pain and improve mobility. This course will provide an overview of how pain facilitates plastic changes at spinal and supraspinal levels, a literature review identifying pain conditions that demonstrate sensory acuity disturbances, and show how to incorporate multisensory discrimination treatment into clinical practice in 5 minutes or less. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2018)