Aug 01, 2019 | multimodal pain management

Teamwork Through Common Language

A CPE Approach to Engaging Patients in a Multimodal Care Plan

To quote a contemporary leader in pain care, “Treating pain is a team sport.” Although our healthcare system is still disjointed, causing many clinicians to operate in what may feel like a lonely silo, we can support each other and bolster our patients’ confidence in their prognosis by communicating all elements of a care plan to patients that we have in common. By using terminology that de-threatens confusing aspects of a plan, encourages behavior change, and reinforces colleagues in other disciplines, we can all make a difference. This course is taught by a Certified Pain Educator (CPE) and is intended for clinicians who may occasionally feel they operate on a deserted island of healthcare. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2018)