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A study published in The Journal of Pain offers hope to those in pain. Researchers examined virtual reality and how it might improve conditioned pain modulation. For those with nerve injuries and other types of pain, VR can improve a dysfunctional pain suppression system. By stimulating the natural...

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Clinical pharmacy specialists Foy and Uritsky discuss pain management options for patients with chronic pain and central sensitization, particularly as these relate to decisions on opioid tapering. Effective patient education is key to success.

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Chronic pain involves a complex process, with an underlying pathophysiology that is now understood to involve a sensitized state. Understanding the etiology is essential to selecting appropriate treatment modalities. It is also essential to educate patients in a way that can be understood and...

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By now, we should all be aware of the prevalence of chronic pain. Astonishingly though, few people are aware of the central pathophysiology of why people develop chronic pain. Central sensitization is one of the key processes in which chronic pain persists. In this presentation, we will explore...

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