PWJ - PAINWeek Journal, like our website, is meant to extend the energy and experience of the national conference throughout the entire year. Each issue presents articles developed by our PAINWeek faculty, adapted from their respective conference presentations.

Along with rotating sections like Case & Commentary, Pundit Profile, and Expert Review, the journal presents feature articles on the following topic areas: Behavioral Pain Management; Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Diabetes and Chronic Pain; Emergency Medicine; Geriatric Pain Management; Government and Public Policy; Health Coaching; Interventional Pain Management; Medical/Legal Issues; Music and Art Therapy; Neurology; Occupational Therapy; Pain and Chemical Dependency; Pain Clinical Trials; Palliative Care; Pediatric Pain Management; Pharmacotherapy; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Physical Therapy; Regional Pain Syndromes; Rheumatology; Sex and Gender Issues

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