Aug 27, 2019 | interventional pain management

Their Hidden Influence on Chronic Pain, Health, and Disease

Scars and Traumas

It is reported in the literature that physical scars have a systemic influence on chronic pain and are linked to chronic postsurgical, back, shoulder, and neuropathic pain, and are not only physical, but emotional. Scars initiate and maintain stress on the nervous system, “locking” the sympathetic nervous system into a prolonged fight/flight phase, adversely affecting muscle tone, fascia tension, chronic pain, and functional outcomes. This course introduces the concepts of scar release, exploring the integral relationship of scars, stress, and disease. Participants will see how scars/traumas influence nervous system regulation, fascia, and chronic pain, and identify the relationship between the physical location of scars and various chronic pains throughout the body. The presentation will include scientific analysis of scar release therapy applied to various pain patient samples and the widespread implications this may have in future pain management and functional rehabilitation. The session will conclude with scar release therapy demonstration so participants will be able to witness and learn how to integrate this therapy into their clinical practice. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2018)