Feb 02, 2017 | opioid therapy

Risk Tool to Qualify Patients for Take Home Naloxone

There are over 16,000 deaths per year associated with opioid induced respiratory depression and overdose. These occur in the substance abuse population and also in chronic pain patients who are legitimately receiving opioids. This interactive lecture will review unexpected and unanticipated risks of opioid therapy, including drug interactions that are not generally included in pharmacy software programs. Opportunities for collaboration between healthcare providers will be discussed, including current comparative state policies for naloxone standing orders, standardized procedures, and clinical documentation. Available software to assess risk and the validated RIOSORD tool--risk index for overdose or serious opioid induced respiratory depression--will be introduced to participants with an explanation of how they can be implemented by all clinicians to qualify patients for in-home naloxone. Attendees will leave with a foundation on how to best counsel patients and caregivers to mitigate against opioid induced risks in terms of preparedness for naloxone reversal in the home. (Recorded at PAINWeek 2016)