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Is this generation of older baby boomers self-medicating with marijuana, whether medical or recreational? Pain is common in the aging population. Elderly patients, trying to avoid prescription medications, may try marijuana.

What to consider:

  • Many of these patients have never used cannabis
  • E...

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A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society of 568 people surveyed found that 15% used cannabis within the past 3 years, over 50% of those surveyed used it regularly (daily or weekly), and 78% used it for self-medicating. Patients reported most commonly smoking, taking tinctures, or...

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In a study discussing “the mystery of American pain,” two aspects of pain were examined: level of education and age. The findings are eye-opening. Less educated Americans are reporting higher levels of pain than the elderly, perhaps due to stress from both the economy and work, and limited access to...

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In geriatric patients, chronic pain is quite common as well as challenging. Due to age and comorbidities, surgery can be tough on this patient population.

What’s New?

  • Fewer surgeries are being done on patients 65
  • We have an option to provide, as the medical field is growing, minimally...

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Pain is common in the aging population. Findings from an NIH funded study found >50% of the older people surveyed had pain within the last month, often in 1 location.


  • People gain weight as they age
  • Bones break down
  • Older people have spinal cord issues

Drugs for the elderly: care...

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Newswise — Researchers from the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) are the first to demonstrate statistically significant links between self-reported regular use of prescription drugs for pain and/or sleep, and longitudinal risk of frailty in adults ages 65 and...

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The content of this presentation will encourage audience participation. The “rights” section—drug, patient, time—will enable participants to reflect on medical malpractice cases where these rights were initiated in less than adequate outcomes and fell below the standard of care. Additionally...

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The average geriatric patient, about 80% of them, have some chronic illnesses that they live with day to day. Because they take a lot of medicines, there are drug-drug interactions, and unintentional misuse and abuse. Studies have shown that the geriatric population… a lot of times they are getting...

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Statistics have shown, in no uncertain terms, the aging of the American population. With this increase in the elderly population comes a substantial rise in the number of patients living in pain. Due to the aging population plus the widespread opioid epidemic, practitioners need to explore viable...

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