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The Provider Training in Palliative Care Act

Strengthening the Workforce

Two senators, one republican and one democrat, from two states are working together to try to pass the Provider Training in Palliative Care Act. It would give National Health Service Corps members the ability to train in palliative care while deferring their service. Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada stated, “Palliative care helps provide comfort, manage pain and improve overall quality of life, yet providers are in short supply in Nevada and across the country. This important legislation will help fill health care gaps in Nevada caused by our doctor shortage by offering primary care providers a chance to receive training in palliative care so that they can better meet patient needs in underserved communities.”

Shortages in the healthcare workforce are being seen more and more, due to the pandemic, stressful working situations, and the aging out of the current population of workers. In addition, JAMA Network Open reports that over a fifth of healthcare workers may leave the field and almost a third may cut back on their hours. Edo Banach, President and CEO of the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization, commented. “This projected workforce shortage is a stark reminder that along with our aging population comes the need to revisit Medicare policies and address how we will meet the growing demand for person-centered care.”


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Holly Caster