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Medicine and science builds and grows on the foundations of what has come before. Although pain management discoveries have been at a relative snail’s pace, there have been recent advances in existing medications and analgesic devices, as well as exciting new molecules and formulations on the...

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As clinicians and patients scramble for opioid analgesic alternatives and ways to blunt opioid withdrawal, kratom (also known as mitragynine) use among desperate patients has surged. What should practitioners know?

  • Kratom is not part of the usual standard test for urine screens
  • At low doses...

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The medical education team at Pacira Biosciences, Inc., will be offering “Ahead of the Curve,” a podcast focused on topics related to healthcare services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Anesthesiologist Dr. Jeff Gonzales will moderate. 

Episode 1 is The World As We Know It. Future podcast subjects...

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