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Newswise — ROCHESTER, Minn. — Patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis often are affected by functional disability a year or two before the disease is diagnosed, according to new Mayo Clinic research.

The results of the study, to be published in June in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, suggest that...

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An inexpensive and easy to perform physical exam may help clinicians identify patients at risk for worsening knee osteoarthritis, according to conclusions from a study led by Yuanyuan Wang, MD, PhD, of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and colleagues. The team reports that a finding of...

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Researchers at the Ohio State University report that they have identified biomarkers of fibromyalgia that can be detected in blood samples, and that can be differentiated from a variety of other related diseases. The discovery may lead to significant advances in clinicians’ ability to differentially...

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