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A Study of MS Symptom Trajectories

How to Optimize Quality of Life

What are the rates of fatigue, anxiety, depression, and pain after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS)? Does symptom severity change after a year? A new article published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal studied the occurrences of symptoms in the year post an MS diagnosis. Via self-reports at 6 timepoints post MS diagnosis, rates were as follows: over half reported pain; 62.6% fatigue, 47.4% depression, and 38.7% anxiety. Co-occurring symptoms were also seen: 21.3% with 2, 19.1% with 3, and 17.4% with 4.

Lead author and MS rehabilitation research fellow at Michigan Medicine, Thomas Valentine, PhD, commented, “The months following MS diagnosis are often a stressful period of uncertainty and change. Our findings highlight the importance of early and routine assessment of patients’ symptoms, so that those patients who might benefit from treatment can be identified and receive appropriate care.” The study stated that “Prompt screening and evidence-based interventions are necessary if quality of life is to be optimized.”


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Holly Caster