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Chronic Inflammatory Pain Treatment

Inhibiting Endocytosis, Weaking Pain

In their Nature Communications journal article, entitled “Inhibiting endocytosis in CGRP+ nociceptors attenuates inflammatory pain-like behavior,” researchers “utilized genetic and pharmacological approaches to inhibit nociceptor endocytosis demonstrating its role in the development and maintenance of acute and chronic inflammatory pain.” Via an injection of an adaptor protein, mice pain behaviors were lowered and analgesia extended. One goal of this study is to better understand pain neuron hyperactivity in order to lower pain perception, and through this understanding, identify more pain alleviating targets.

The study states, “Using a genetic and a pharmacological approach in non-transgenic animals, we have demonstrated that inhibition of extra-synaptic nociceptor endocytosis significantly alters inflammatory pain-like behaviors.” Also noted were the differences in responses to pain between male and female mice, which could eventually provide rationale to analgesic efficacy variations.


Read the journal article.

Holly Caster