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Pediatric Urology: Adding Psychological Help

Dealing with Pain and Anxiety

For children with urological issues, from an inability to empty their bladder to bladder exstrophy, fear and pain can play a major role. To help both the pediatric patient and their parents, a few places around the country are adding psychologists to support the family. “Families often come in wondering, ‘Is there something biologically wrong with my child?’ And when the answer is no, psychology support can be very helpful in addressing underlying issues and implementing behavioral and mental health strategies,” commented Michelle SooHoo, PhD, a psychologist on the team at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Division of Urology.

Whether the child has underlying issues, such as ADHD or anxiety, or will need reconstructive surgery, a psychologist can help. If surgery is needed, the psychologist can help ensure that the family fully understands what is going to happen and determine if they’re ready for it. Evalynn Vasquez, MD, MBA, Director of the Complex Reconstruction and Malformations Program, stated, “…our psychologist can help with evaluating patients beforehand and also provide children with strategies for dealing with pain and discomfort.”


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Holly Caster