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An Opportunity for Suicide Risk Screening

Too High a Cost

Researchers surveyed the use of services—PCP visits, a pharmacist, a school nurse, outpatient appointments for injury—by over 8,000 adolescents (age 11-15) culled from 84 UK schools. Among the findings, adolescents reported

  • Pain and suicidality: 9%
  • Suicidality alone: 11%
  • Pain alone: 13%
  • Neither: 66%
  • Utilizing services: 55%

Estimates of yearly economic impact of pain in the UK is £3840 million. Researchers call for “multi-sector suicide prevention strategies in hospital, community, and school settings” and “training in pain management and suicidal risk identification across settings, appropriate referrals where necessary, and addressing barriers of specialised mental health services use. Importantly, the presence of pain may offer an opportunity for service providers to screen for suicidal risk and offer timely support if needed.”


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Holly Caster