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COVID's Impact on Organ Systems

Novel Variants Affect “Remains Unclear”

The American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology has published an article on the long term complications of COVID-19, its impact on various organ systems, and potential management algorithms. In the United States, COVID has infected >49 million; approximately 26% experience long term complications. The review article states that:

  • >21% of patients discharged from the hospital after approximately 2 months reported chest pain
  • Maculopapular exanthem (morbilliform) with painful red acral purple papules was seen in >15% of patients
  • Abdominal pain was another long term symptom seen in patients

The review authors note that “There are a number of considerations that are yet to be addressed in the COVID-19 pandemic. … It remains unclear how the presentation of long haul COVID-19 will be impacted in individuals infected with these [novel variant] strains of the virus. Specifics in terms of symptoms of patients with these novel variants stratified by age and race also remain to be seen and will depend on larger studies.”


Read the journal article.

Read the press release.

Holly Caster