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CBD As Pain Killer

Polypharmacy & Multiple Targets

Many people say that cannabis helps with their pain. But does it? And if it does, why does it? It seems CBD is everywhere and 2 researchers are studying it to better understand how it works. With over 20% of the US population in chronic pain, costing over $500 billion per year, development of a better pain killer is of the utmost importance.

Bruce Bean, a neurobiology professor at Harvard Medical School, and Clifford Woolf, HMS professor of neurology at Boston Children’s Hospital, using animal models and cells, determined that pain sensing neuron targets are affected by CBD. Their goal is to develop drugs that are nonadditive and better absorbed, and work in a similar fashion to CBD. Mr. Bean commented, “Something that would relieve pain that’s not addictive is a great unmet need, and remains one of the most formidable challenges in modern medicine.”


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