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Newswise — University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center (UH) is the first clinical setting in Ohio using special technology to identify harmful bacteria, leading to healing for patients suffering from chronic wounds.

Windy Cole, DPM, Medical Director of the UH Ahuja Wound Care Center, conducted...

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Newswise — The American population is aging, and conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease are on the rise. With those factors in place, the medical community has growing concerns about wound treatment. According to the American Professional Wound Care Association, about 15 percent of...

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Researchers at Binghamton University’s Intimately Bio-Integrated Biosensors lab have developed a skin-inspired, open-mesh electromechanical sensor that is capable of monitoring lactate and oxygen on the skin. The development team was under the direction of Ahyeon Koh, PhD, assistant professor of...

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