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Modifying Circadian Clocks...

Modifying Circadian Clocks...

For Collagen Synthesis

Improperly healed scars can lead to emotional distress, infection, longer stays in the hospital, and the need for further procedures. Scientists publishing in the journal Frontiers in Medicine researched the protein collagen and how its synthesis is impacted by the circadian clock. Collagen helps repair skin.

This study “demonstrated that [core circadian gene neuronal PAS domain 2] suppression in [human dermal fibroblasts] by compounds had an effect on collagen deposition, collagen-related gene expression, and myofibroblast differentiation without cytotoxicity. The results of this study suggest that [compounds] Dwn1 and Dwn2 could be novel therapeutic agents capable of promoting collagen homeostasis and accelerating wound healing with minimal hypertrophic scarring.”


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Holly Caster