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Neurophysiology research has shown some biochemical and structural changes that occur when a person has been traumatized or has PTSD are similar in terms of neurobiology to those with substance abuse disorders as well as chronic pain.

  • Some patients don’t understand that they have had traumatic...

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  • Practitioners should understand there are patients who don’t even appreciate all the changes that have occurred in their life
  • Trauma can occur early in a life: years later, that patient may come into our office
  • Sometimes patients have no concept of what we’re asking them to try. If they’ve been...

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Physical scars have a systemic influence on chronic pain, including postsurgical, back, shoulder, and neuropathic pain. They can initiate and maintain stress on the nervous system, adversely affecting patient quality of life. Kelley Armstrong introduces the concept of scar release therapy and its...

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