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The burden of chronic pain on the person who experiences it daily is evident. What about the partner or caregiver of the patient? In a study in the European Journal of Pain, new insights are offered into household partnerships. What is needed is additional information that “might provide empirical...

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A study in a recently published article in PLOS ONE sought to answer questions such as what affect does health and wellness coaching (HWC) have on individuals with chronic pain? As some patients and practitioners seek nonpharmacologic chronic pain treatment, often involving an interdisciplinary...

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From the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science.


• Psychological flexibility (PF) & self-compassion (SC) predict pain outcomes.

• In people with chronic pain (n=420) PF and SC variables were significantly correlated.

• SC predicted depression, pain interference and work and...

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Can pain management coaching become a standard of care? What does Take Courage Coaching founder Becky Curtis wish for the future? What does she wish she had known in her own past?

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