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According to a study in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, mindfulness helped improve the coping skills of those in chronic pain. It was a small study of 28 participants, 89% of whom had positive results from an 8-week group course in mindfulness-based stress reduction. Guided by...

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In a Journal of Nursing Scholarship article, published online ahead of print, type 2 diabetes patients experienced pain and fatigue reduction through relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

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Purpose: To examine the effects...

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Practitioner self-care: what to do?

  • Sleep well, eat well, socialize, exercise
  • Have strong social support
  • Connect with people at work with whom you feel safe and respected
  • Share with a coworker; ask for assistance: “This has been such a bad day for me and I’m really struggling”
  • Practice...

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Newswise — People suffering from opioid addiction and chronic pain may have fewer cravings and less pain if they use both mindfulness techniques and medication for opioid dependence, according to Rutgers and other researchers.

The study, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence...

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Newswise — The historical practice of mindfulness is a burgeoning integrated medicine field associated with benefits for people with issues ranging from insomnia to chronic pain and fueled by more than $550 million in federal funding over the past 20 years.

Yet the evidence for impact on health...

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