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Lung Cancer Rehabilitation

VA Clinical Trial

Exercise Rehabilitation in Veteran Cancer Survivors is a clinical trial from the Baltimore VA Medical Center. It seeks to determine the efficacy of exercise for patients who have survived lung cancer but have neuropathic pain, a common problem after surgery and chemotherapy. “The ultimate goal of the investigators' work is to reduce neuropathic pain for the growing population of cancer survivors while simultaneously reducing the need for problematic pharmacologic management.” Annually, approximately 8,000 Veterans are treated for lung cancer, and it’s one of the most common cancers in this group. Veterans have symptoms, including pain, for more years than non-Veterans, due to earlier cancer diagnoses.

Aims of this clinical trial include determining 1) if an exercise rehabilitation intervention for Veterans is feasible, 2) if/how exercise will help with chronic pain, and 3) changes in QoL and strength, fitness, fatigue, and physical function.


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