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An Initiative from the Arthritis Foundation

Addressing the Pain

>54 million adults and ~300,000 children in the US have been diagnosed with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation has released a new pain report: How It Hurts. The 28-page pdf details plans to positively impact the lives of those with arthritis pain. In addition to increased research, funding, and communication, the 3-part initiative includes:

  • A campaign of pain awareness
  • An app that offers solutions through educational content and a tracker for activities and goals
  • Support through community connections

The INSIGHTS initiative continues “to collect much needed data from patients. It's one of the largest patient reported outcomes (PRO) studies in the United States and the most extensive patient-centered effort we've led in over 70 years.” It clearly shows how patient education, research, and advocacy will help patients and “raise awareness of the tremendous toll arthritis takes and to enact policies and laws that will make living with the disease better.”


Download the report.