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Improving Pain/QoL in Diabetes Patients with Neuropathy

“Significantly Lower…Statistically Significant”

In a Journal of Nursing Scholarship article, published online ahead of print, type 2 diabetes patients experienced pain and fatigue reduction through relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

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Purpose: To examine the effects of progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness meditation on the severity of diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (DPNP), fatigue, and quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Design: An assessor-blinded prospective randomized controlled trial.

Findings: VAS scores were significantly lower in the RG and MG at week 12 (p < .05) and were statistically significant in the RG at week 14. Additionally, fatigue severity decreased significantly in the RG at weeks 12 and 14, compared to that in the CG (p < .05). While no significant difference was found in the quality of life scores between the study groups at weeks 12 and 14 (p > .05), a significant improvement in quality of life scores in the RG were provided at week 12 compared to those at baseline and week 14 (p < .05).

Conclusions: Both progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness meditation had a positive impact on providing pain relief in patients with DPNP. Moreover, progressive muscle relaxation also appeared to have a beneficial effect on fatigue.

Clinical relevance: Based on the results, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness meditation can be recommended as supportive therapies for the management of DPNP.


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