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In a recent issue of the journal of Substance Use & Misuse, a study of sickle cell disease patients was discussed. It is well known that, in the sickle cell disease population, chronic pain rates are high. Perhaps less well known are the levels of mental health issues. Even less known? Levels of...

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The American Medical Association just released a new OPIOID TASK FORCE 2020 PROGRESS REPORT in the hopes of reducing drug overdoses and deaths. Although prescription opioid overdose deaths have decreased, illicit drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine have risen. Last year, fentanyl...

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Dr. Zacharoff examines the roles of both prescription and illicit opioids—heroin and fentanyl—as components of today’s “opioid abuse epidemic”. There are similarities and important differences and the task for clinicians is to minimize harms while addressing the needs of patients in pain.

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A study of heroin users in Baltimore concludes that most are aware that fentanyl is likely present in the drug they are using while also acknowledging their unpreparedness to handle an overdose event that is likely to result from their activity. Researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of...

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