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A Potential Biofluid Alternative for Drug Testing

Monitoring Drug Concentrations

A poster abstract (LB008) presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine 36th Annual Meeting acknowledges the potential of sweat as a biofluid alternative for drug testing. The abstract states that, although used extensively, “sampling of urine is inconvenient, tamper prone, and results are subject to misinterpretation.” Sweat appears to be a viable alternative, but little is known about “the range of drugs excreted in sweat and the clinical utility of these drug concentrations in this alternative matrix.”

Acetaminophen was used as a test drug. It was given to patients in two strengths and repeated doses. Sweat was collected at the same time as a blood test. Although the ratio of metabolites found in the samples “varied substantially,” they were present. Future wearable technology would be easily portable and not require having to provide a urine sample. More research is needed as to the clinical utility of sweat drug testing, but results so far are promising.


Read abstract LB008.