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Pain and Anxiety Relief Through Music

Listen and Improve, Heal, Restore

The PAINWeek National Conference has presented many courses teaching the benefits of music therapy. A university in Thailand is promoting a music therapy course, and not just to treat those in pain. Music therapy has helped lower blood pressure, soothe patients during dialysis or chemotherapy, or even keep those people calm who are waiting to hear a diagnosis. The dean at Chulalongkorn University stressed that “The therapy must be pre-approved by specialists. Music is used to build rapport between the therapist and the patients, and all activities, whether singing, listening to instrumental music or lyrical songs, are designed to suit the physical and mental conditions of the patients.”

Elderly patients have responded to music from an angklung, a Sundanese instrument made of bamboo, which has a sound similar to handbells. The music helped those with dementia, making them happier, more lively, and in some cases improved memory. The dean stated, “We believe that the part of the brain for music memories stores information for a long time. While the other parts of the brain are deteriorating, the part with music memories is like an old data box waiting for the sound of music to unlock it once again. The adjacent brain cells will also be rejuvenated.”


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Holly Caster