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Minocycline: Reducing Neuropathic Pain

A Narrative Review on Diabetic & Leprotic Neuropathies

A narrative review of minocycline—a 2nd-generation, semi-synthetic tetracycline used as a broad-spectrum antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties—was performed by researchers evaluating its effectiveness in lessening neuropathic pain. Results were published in the Journal of Pain Research. A search of databases yielded over 2200 relevant papers; 9 were selected for review. Some of the papers showed a positive pain reduction effect; some showed pain reduction on chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain; some showed pain control in diabetic and leprotic neuropathies. Minocycline was, however, not effective in controlling lumbar radicular pain and pain resolution after carpal tunnel release.

The study concluded that, “Our review provides evidence that minocycline may have some potential for reducing neuropathic pain. Further high-quality studies need to be conducted to validate this potential.” The researchers also recommended studies with larger numbers of participants.


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