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CDC Releases Field-Tested Guide to Reduce Healthcare Worker Burnout

"The role of healthcare workers in taking care of all of us is absolutely vital to our society, to our economy, and to our culture. But our healthcare workforce needs to feel supported, too,"- John Howard, MD, Director of NIOSH

The CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has launched a groundbreaking initiative to address healthcare worker burnout. As part of this effort, they have unveiled the Impact Wellbeing Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing, a comprehensive resource designed to equip executive-level hospital leaders with evidence-informed strategies to enhance their staff's mental health and overall wellbeing.

This guide, a key component of the Impact Wellbeing Campaign initiated in October 2023, offers a practical, step-by-step framework for implementing organizational-level changes within hospitals. By following the guide's recommendations, healthcare organizations can create environments that foster resilience and mitigate burnout among their workforce.

To support the dissemination and implementation of the guide, CDC/NIOSH will conduct a webinar series starting in late April 2024. These sessions will provide hospital leaders with in-depth guidance on effectively utilizing each section of the guide, empowering them to kickstart the transformation process within their hospital immediately.

Recent statistics underscore the urgency of addressing healthcare worker burnout. A CDC survey conducted in 2022 revealed that 46% of healthcare workers frequently experienced burnout, a significant increase from the 32% reported in 2018.

Before its public release, the Impact Wellbeing Guide underwent a rigorous pilot phase at CommonSpirit hospitals from July to December 2023. Feedback from leadership at these facilities was instrumental in refining the guide, ensuring its practicality and relevance in real-world hospital settings. Testimonials and insights from these leaders are woven throughout the document, enriching its practical value.

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Alysha Mahagaonkar