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I focus on offering my patients the best, most innovative, evidence-based treatment to help alleviate their chronic pain.

GPS I was born in Shanghai and grew up in Canada. I am currently a privademic physician in the New Jersey division of the largest pain management practice in the country.


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I'm really proud of the work I've done with Girls Gone Strong, an organization aimed at improving the awareness and level of care women receive from health and fitness professionals and healthcare providers, including...the ante- and pot- partum stages of pregnancy.

GPS Gainesville, FL


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Growing up in a Philadelpha suburb I'm a sucker for any Rocky movie. The idea that hard work pays off no matter what the odds is carried through in all those films.

GPS Cherry Hill, NJ

Typical Day Chronic pain consults and follow ups in the office. I’m in the OR typically two days a week...

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I would love to empower my generation to innovate and step up to lead our world into better, safer days.

GPS Paterson, NJ

Typical Day Up at 6: gym, shower, get the kids to school, at work by 9. Then meetings, lectures, consults, emails, reviewing charts, conducting research, assisting...

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I…strive to provide tireless patient advocacy in pain management, especially at the end of life…

GPS Bryn Mawr, PA.

Typical Day Up at 4:45A for an hour workout, then a protein shake, a shower, off to the train. Start off work with a cup of tea, follow up on projects, organize and attend...

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I rather enjoy flying by the seat of my pants.

GPS Columbus, Ohio Typical Day There really is no such thing as a typical day for me, and I rather enjoy flying by the seat of my pants. In general I’ll go see patients as needed and talk to them about symptoms, new medications, side effects, etc...

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My father told me that having two jobs was basically slacking, while three jobs was just about right.

GPS Morgantown, West Virginia

Typical Day Wake up, espresso, workout, cup of joe, head to the University, mold the minds of future healthcare professionals, head to our pain center, safely...

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I firmly believe that if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

GPS Washington, DC

Typical Day There really is no “typical” day. Often, the day begins with sit-down rounds to provide pertinent clinical updates, assign responsibility for new consults and follow up...

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I’m most proud when I help a patient get the care they need…and the patient is able to have a functional and meaningful life.

GPS Columbia, MO

Typical Day “I start my day by doing phone follow-ups with patients then seeing other patients by videotelehealth or in person. I have quite a few...

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When a former patient sees me in the hallway and expresses thanks for the care that I provided…that is truly the best reward.

GPS Nashville, TN

Typical Day “My typical work day is spent seeing patients to optimize their pain medication regimen as part of a multidisciplinary chronic pain...

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