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Laura Meyer-Junco

As a clinician with fibromyalgia, I feel uniquely positioned to act as an advocate for fibromyalgia patients…

GPS Rockford, IL

Typical Day Every day is different! My pharmacy students and I participate in hospice interdisciplinary rounds, see patients in the supportive oncology clinic, and work up patients for internal medicine rounds at the hospital. Squeezed in are geriatric and pain management lectures, projects, and responding to questions from hospice nurses.

Persona am a strong proponent of life-long learning and believe that learning and teaching can be both fun and meaningful. I hope to leave the student, patient, or colleague a little brighter and a little lighter in his/her steps.

Social Media Habits I like to stay connected and see the careers of former students unfold on LinkedIn.

Contribution Bringing clinical pharmacy services in hospice and palliative care to Rockford. My mom suffered from horrible cancer pain and did not have access to palliative care. I made it my goal to insert myself into palliative and hospice services beginning to grow in my hometown. I became a founding member of the palliative care team where my mother received her cancer care and have become the pharmacist member of two hospices and the palliative care team of another large health-system.

People I am blushing…but the public figure I admire the most is Dr. Mary Lynn McPherson. She may never know how much she has taught me…not only pain and symptom management, but how to be a courageous pharmacist leader, an absolute female powerhouse, and an effective, enthusiastic, and hilarious teacher! Thank you, Dr. McPherson!

Words Everyone should read Dr. McPherson’s books… practice-changing! I also like to live by “collect moments not things.” I believe happiness and fulfillment comes from experiences and learning about and from each other.

Popcorn I enjoy streaming dramatic miniseries like Sharp Objects, but when I want to keep it light and hilarious, Schitt’s Creek is my go-to.

PAINWeek As clearly displayed on conference signage, “education is the best analgesic.” I believe this to be very, very true. I come to PAINWeek to better myself for my students, teams, and patients, to meet fabulous people with shared interests, and to have fun at the most dynamic and vibrant conference that I have attended.