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Tanya Uritsky, PharmD, BCPS

I…strive to provide tireless patient advocacy in pain management, especially at the end of life…

GPS Bryn Mawr, PA.

Typical Day Up at 4:45A for an hour workout, then a protein shake, a shower, off to the train. Start off work with a cup of tea, follow up on projects, organize and attend meetings, see complex pain management patients, then back to the train, get the kids, then dinner, a dance party with the kids, and bedtime and next-day prep. Rinse and repeat!

Persona I have learned a lot, some things the hard way, others through mentors and those around me. I have amazing colleagues who have supported me and thrown me into the national and international arena, giving me opportunities to learn and to shine. My beautiful children, Alexander and Evelyn, inspire me every day with their creativity and love for the simple things, and together with my supportive husband, Dmitry Uritsky, give me the room and encouragement to grow and work hard.

Social Media Habits I really only check Facebook: I love seeing what other people are up to, but I also really love my professional website groups. They help me stay connected and up to date, and also see others’ achievements. I have been told I should get on Twitter, but I cannot imagine having another thing to do at this time.

Contribution I was a Co-Founder of the Palliative Care Service at HUP with a Nurse Practitioner, a part-time social worker, and a chaplain. We are now a robust interdisciplinary team with outpatient/inpatient services at multiple sites. I promised my father, when he was dying, that I would help others and do something in his honor. I now strive to provide tireless patient advocacy in pain management, especially at the end of life, as well as expert pain and symptom management as an ongoing legacy. I have written many articles and spoken at many conferences to impart this knowledge to help improve patient care on a broader scale. I got the Pain and Palliative Care Practitioner of the Year aware at PAINWeek a few years ago, and that was really unexpected and cool .

People I tend to admire those around me more than the infinitely famous. The strengths and special traits of individuals in my life inspire me. If I had to pick a public person to admire, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Seems a little random, but I grew up watching her talk show; she always was honest about her real-life struggles despite wealth and power, and her generosity for the greater good of the world has been a pillar she has long stood for on every public platform she has served.

Words I do not read many “adult” books nowadays. All things ninja and nursery rhymes fill my personal life, but I do enjoy reading short blogs. The bulk of my longer reading endeavors tends to be in preparation for writing and presentations.

Popcorn My husband always jokes that I just watch the same comedies and romance movies over and over again, but really I just love mindless, funny, entertaining movies! I have seen such movies as Dirty
Dancing, Clueless, Wedding Crashers, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall more times than I can count! 

PAINWeek PAINWeek gives me the chance to be with my colleagues; share thoughts, wisdom, knowledge, and clinical expertise with an engaged and diverse audience. I love the number of disciplines represented by the presenters, bringing many different perspectives to the forefront. The diversity of the programming really caters to all different backgrounds and “finger on the pulse” content that is the core of the meeting.