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I’m most proud when I help a patient get the care they need…and the patient is able to have a functional and meaningful life.

GPS Columbia, MO

Typical Day “I start my day by doing phone follow-ups with patients then seeing other patients by videotelehealth or in person. I have quite a few...

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When a former patient sees me in the hallway and expresses thanks for the care that I provided…that is truly the best reward.

GPS Nashville, TN

Typical Day “My typical work day is spent seeing patients to optimize their pain medication regimen as part of a multidisciplinary chronic pain...

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“…this faith [I have] in our inherent strength is also what draws me to the field of pain psychology…”

GPS San Francisco Bay Area, California

Typical Day “I start each day at the hospital working alongside a team of colleagues in the Stanford Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Pain Program...

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“People do not think of me--a gynecologist--as a pain specialist, but I am.”

GPS Orlando, Florida

Typical Day “I spend most of my time educating people on how to evaluate, treat, and research pelvic and vaginal pain. I also spend a good deal of time building collaborative research networks...

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“I believe that my most meaningful contribution to patient care is imparting hope in people who may think there is no reason to expect it…”

GPS San Francisco, CA

Typical Day “Each day is different from the last, but all have a combination of direct patient care, program development, and...

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"I see my role as an educator, not only to patients who suffer from chronic pain, but also to providers who work with the chronic pain population.”

GPS Chicago, Illinois

Typical Day “As a psychologist working in a pain clinic, I see my role is to help patients learn better ways to manage...

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