inflammatory bowel disease

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Newswise — Scientists at McMaster University have identified new biomarkers for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in urine, which could lead to better treatments and reduce the need for costly and invasive colonoscopy procedures currently used for diagnosis.

Little is known about the causes of IBS, a...

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today permitted marketing of the first medical device to aid in the reduction of functional abdominal pain in patients 11-18 years of age with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) when combined with other therapies for IBS. IBS is a condition affecting the large...

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Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine report that they have isolated a possible new target for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Existing therapies for IBD focus on the patient’s overactive immune system and its...

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