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How Healing Works: Patients Have More Control Than They Think

Healing—possibly up to 80%—comes from factors outside of what practitioners usually do in the clinic or hospital. Patients, through diet, can combat some chronic pain and fight some genetic factors. Most people don’t realize that what they eat influences their pain. What else should patients be aware of? 

  • Health comes from your own inherent healing capacity
  • You wouldn’t be alive if your body wasn’t continually repairing itself, recovering from traumas and stresses, reintegrating itself
  • It’s a natural process; if we can enhance that process, that is where most of health and well-being come from
  • Medical treatment is a support: if you have a disease that must be treated, it must be treated
  • If you want to produce health that comes from your own inherent healing capacity, that's a different journey for everybody
  • There are, however, some core common components that benefit all: sleep and rest, stress management, good food, movement, and your social and spiritual environment

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