| One-Minute Clinician

The Grief of the Chronic Pain Patient

  • Individuals with chronic pain may lack the awareness that they are feeling grief.
  • They may experience losses in comfort, sexual function, career, income, self-efficacy, cognitive function, intimacy, pride, joy, self-esteem, self-control, independence, mental health, hope, dignity, and certainty.
  • The biggest loss? Themselves.
  • There’s no definition for “normal” grief. It is an individual reaction. Where it becomes complicated or diagnosable is when it continues over an extended period and a maladaptive way of dealing with the grief is seen.
  • The goal is to reach acceptance of the situation no matter how painful it might be. To continue moving forward and live the best life possible
  • Grief and pain may occur at the same time and look so similar. If it's recognized it can be addressed.