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Working from Home: Bad for Your Health?

Extra Pain from Working at Home

Along with the potential benefits of working from home, such as flexibility and the time- and cost-savings of not commuting, some people are experiencing increased back pain, wrist pain, and overuse pain. Although issues from sitting too long at a desk are not new, they are increasing along with the amount of time people are staying home. One of the causes noted by researchers is improper workstations. People are working on couches and at dining room tables, which are not designed for work. In addition, many gyms are closed, but nearby refrigerators are open: fatty liver disease is up, as is the number on many people’s scales.

Another issue: increased depression, anxiety, and substance use. Richard Riggs, MD, senior vice president of Medical Affairs and chief medical officer at Cedars-Sinai, recommends balance as a strategy: “The most important part of working from home is to establish a routine. Whatever your prior commute was, you should take that time for yourself" by meditating, exercising, or going for a walk.


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