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Transitioning from Pediatric Chronic Pain Care...

...to Individualized Adult Care

“A successful transition” means different things to different people. For 8 patients with chronic pain, transitioning from pediatric care to adult care involved empowerment and individualized approaches. Researchers recruited adult chronic pain patients through social media to ask about their experiences transitioning to adult chronic pain care, and findings are reported in the journal of Pain Medicine. These adults, women 18-25 years of age, were interviewed and audio recorded.

The women interviewed expressed the value of

  • Knowing and understanding the transition from pediatric care to adult care
  • A strong relationship with their healthcare providers
  • Various kinds of support
  • Respect for their independence and autonomy

The study concluded, “Findings suggest the need for a collaborative and individualized approach to the successful transition of young adults across the continuum of chronic pain care that addresses their unique needs. To promote successful transition, clinicians should build relationships with young adults that facilitate choice and autonomy while enhancing skill-building and education on available resources.”


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