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Reduce Migraine Pain with…Air?

A New Tool in the Migraine Box

Earlier this year, it was reported in Cephalalgia that migraine pain could be reduced through the use of intranasal dry air, which cooled nasal passages. The study looked at headache, nausea, sound and photosensitivity. A small study of 51 patients demonstrated a significantly larger lowering of pain scores and photosensitivity compared to control subjects, with no adverse events.

Study author Rushil Shah, MBBS, MHS, noted that “Migraine headaches affect more than 12% of the United States population, mostly females, and result in significant impairment of quality of life and loss of productivity.” The study concluded that, “Trans-nasal high-flow dry gas therapy may have a role in reducing migraine associated pain” and that addition studies are needed to better understand the role of dry air in easing migraine pain.


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