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New Ways to Manage Severe Pain of Parsonage-Turner Syndrome

Microsurgery for Neuralgic Amyotrophy: A Treatment Option

Parsonage-Turner Syndrome brings about severe upper arm and shoulder pain followed by progressive weakness. Also known as neuralgic amyotrophy, the condition can lead to paralysis. However, in a study reported in the Journal of Hand Surgery, microsurgical epineurolysis and perineurolysis, which loosen or dissolve scar tissue around entrapped nerves, of hourglass contrictions in the affected nerves offered improvement. The journal states that “Nine of 11 operative patients experienced clinical recovery compared with 3 of 13 nonsurgical patients. Electromyography revealed significant motor unit recovery from axonal regeneration in the operative group.”

This surgery offers hope to those affected by this syndrome with no known cause. Usually treated with steroids, pain medications, and physical therapy, it can take years for patients to regain function. The study concludes, “Microsurgical epineurolysis and perineurolysis of FCs and HGCs was associated with significantly improved clinical and nerve regeneration at an average follow-up of 14.8 months compared with nonsurgical management. We recommend microneurolysis of HGCs and FCs as a treatment option for patients with chronic NA who have failed to improve with nonsurgical treatment.”


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