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Major Depressive Disorder, Migraines, and Pain Intensity

Study Shows Predictive Value of Comorbid Migraine and Painful Physical Symptoms

In an article published last month in PloS One, researchers studying 155 outpatients with major depressive disorder found that “Compared with the migraine with inactive headache group and the non-migraine group, patients with migraine with active headache had significantly higher intensities of other painful physical symptoms and a lower remission rate of depression.” 

“Prevention and treatment of headache might be helpful in terms of decreasing other [painful physical symptoms], which may in turn improve the prognosis of MDD,” the researchers noted.

They concluded that, “Migraine with active headache among MDD patients could predict other PPS. Prevention and treatment of headache might help to decrease other PPS and improve the prognosis of depression. Integration of treatment for depression and headache is indicated.”

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