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Fibromyalgia Treatments for Pain and QoL

Evidence is Lacking for Most Therapies

A study published inJAMA Internal Medicineexpressed concern that most fibromyalgia treatment options are not supported by high-quality evidence.Almost 30,000 participants in 224 trials were included in the systemic review and analysis. Although evidence was found for cognitive behavioral therapy, central nervous system depressants, and antidepressants for improvement in pain and quality of life, associations were small and did not exceed the minimum clinically important change. Evidence of these interventions providing relief long term was lacking.

The study concludes that “This systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that most of the currently available therapies for the management of fibromyalgia are not supported by high-quality evidence. Some therapies may reduce pain and improve QOL in the short to medium term, although the effect size of the associations might not be clinically important to patients." Basically, "Evidence for long-term outcomes of interventions was lacking."


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