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Fatty Acids and Their Effect on Migraine

"Robust Reductions"

Can changes in diet also change the frequency and severity of migraine headaches? Researchers published their findings in BMJ. For this study, 182 participants with migraine altered their daily intake of eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid, and linoleic acid; 67% of participants had chronic migraine. Results were tabulated via a questionnaire and an electronic diary where participants noted headache frequency and quality of life.

Decreased headache days were noted in participants on the altered diets, vs those on the control diet. Per day, total headache hours and moderate to severe headache hours decreased. Headache days per month also decreased. The study concluded: “Both diets produced biochemical changes consistent with decreased nociception. While the diets did not significantly improve quality of life, they produced large, robust reductions in frequency and severity of headaches relative to the control diet.”


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