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Chronic Pain Management in Children

Physical, Psychological and Pharmacological Interventions for Pain Relief

The World Health Organization has updated its guidelines for the management of chronic pain in children ages 0 to 19 years, replacing those issued in 2012. Studies suggest that between one-quarter and one-third of children experience chronic pain. WHO states that “Based on the most current scientific evidence, the recommendations include three areas of inventions: physical therapy, psychological therapy, and pharmacological management, which may include the use of morphine for end-of-life-care or when chronic pain is associated with life-limiting conditions.”

The guideline encourages opioid stewardship to combat misuse. It also outlines 10 best clinical care practices for planning and delivering interventions—physical, psychological, and pharmacological—to children with chronic pain, noting that a biopsychosocial perspective is needed.


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Holly Caster