Sex and Gender Differences in Pain Management: Do we Need Pink and Blue Pills

The York Hospital Pain Management Team (PMT) provides pain management consultations for inpatients experiencing uncontrolled pain. Utilizing a protocol-based collaborative practice agreement, PMT clinical pharmacists complete a comprehensive pain assessment and adjust pain regimens through addition or removal of analgesic medications, dosage titrations, route of administration conversions, adverse effect assessment and management, use of nonpharmacologic modalities, coordination of care with outpatient practitioners, and patient education. The PMT also serves as a resource for the promotion of safe medication use throughout the hospital via educational programs, the development of policies regarding analgesic use, and the management of high-risk drug therapies. The PMT provides support for pain-related research projects completed by pharmacy and medical residents. Physician and nursing support for the team’s work is evident in the increased utilization of services throughout the 10 years the team has been in practice.

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